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BOW (Becoming an Outdoors Woman) and TOWN Austin

I've been in Austin for several years and have only recently heard about BOW and TOWN (Texas Outdoors Woman Network) Austin. So I figure I'll make a post here to let the Austin Community hear about it. Since the more people fall in love with the outdoors, the more environmental conservation efforts there'll be.

I just came back from a BOW workshop, and it was awesome. The workshops include firearms, astronomy, backpacking, horseback riding, hiking, kayaking, canoe-ing, fishing, woodworking, food dehydration, etc. They have 3 BOW workshops this year. They also have scholarship program. I definitely recommend it.

TOWN was basically created because women would go to these BOW events and wanted to be able to hang out outside the workshop. The Austin one is very active with hiking and camping, etc.

More information available by following the links above.
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