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Welcome to the Texas Camping Community and other such cliché intros.

I've only been camping once in Texas, at Canyon of the Eagles but am looking forward to many more (mis)adventures in the future. The current plan is to take the boy out in the new tent for our anniversary at the end of February, and so far on the list is Pedernales State Park, McKinney Falls State Park, and Enchanted Rock.

I'd love to get out to Lost Maples late next fall, as well as a trip in to see Sam Houston National Forest and Lake Stubblefield for longer than it took me to drive through them (like last time.)

There's another location, near Nacodoches, that the boy wants to go to, but the name escapes me at the moment.
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Consider going out to Bastrop or Bucher state parks, which are between Bastrop and Smithville. Close to Austin, but very different feel due to the pine trees.

I like Lost Maples year round, it's a really pretty piece of land.

Really, all the places you listed are pretty nice, Enchanted Rock being one of my favorite places to go for weekend trips.

The pine trees would be sweet - that's what the boy says he wants =)
Then make the trip out, the piney woods are really beautiful out there, and the drive between the parks is very nice too.