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Hi, I just joined. I live in Louisiana...originally from Missouri, and I pretty much grew up outdoors.

I haven't had too many opportunities to get out and go camping since I moved down here to the Gulf 4 years ago (I know...so sad), for assorted different reasons not even worth listing, but suffice to say that I am now in a place where I have a little bit of extra time, expendable income, and a boyfriend who actually isn't afraid of bugs or the sun.

If you have any suggestions for cool camping and/or fishing spots along the Gulf Coast, or, even better, parks that have places to scuba/snorkel, PLEASE share!

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Camping w/Dogs

Any recommendations for campsites where dogs are allowed? Location doesn't really matter, but it would be nice to stay at a site where you don't turn around and stumble into someone else's tent. :)

BOW (Becoming an Outdoors Woman) and TOWN Austin

I've been in Austin for several years and have only recently heard about BOW and TOWN (Texas Outdoors Woman Network) Austin. So I figure I'll make a post here to let the Austin Community hear about it. Since the more people fall in love with the outdoors, the more environmental conservation efforts there'll be.

I just came back from a BOW workshop, and it was awesome. The workshops include firearms, astronomy, backpacking, horseback riding, hiking, kayaking, canoe-ing, fishing, woodworking, food dehydration, etc. They have 3 BOW workshops this year. They also have scholarship program. I definitely recommend it.

TOWN was basically created because women would go to these BOW events and wanted to be able to hang out outside the workshop. The Austin one is very active with hiking and camping, etc.

More information available by following the links above.

Plan C.

So the boy and I were going to go to Sabine Mon-Weds, but there is a thunderstorm brewing those days. I realize it's spring break and most places will be packed to the brim, but what other camp grounds are there that don't take reservations ahead of time that we could try out?

Thanks so much.
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canyon of the eagles, and close camping sites to Austin

1. I went to Canyon of the Eagles yesterday, and it was a blast. It's about 2 hrs northwest of Austin, near Burnet, TX. They have primitive campsites, and a lodge, as well as campsites with water. They even have an observatory (but the weather has to be nice). I really enjoyed it. No cell phone reception. http://www.lcra.org/parks/developed_parks/canyon.html

2. What good campsites are there in Austin or within 30 miins driving distance?
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born-again camper

I used to go camping with the fam when I was little, and a bit in high school, but haven't camped in a few years.

Anyway, not too long ago the boyfriend and I bought a tent, sleeping pads, and some other camping gear, and decided we want to go camping again sometime, perhaps this spring or summer.

So, what are suggestions of good parks for camping beginners that are relatively quiet and scenic. Waterscapes a plus.

We live in NW San Antonio.


How cold does it have to get before you'll call off a camping trip?

How hot?

I don't call for rain unless it's in a flood-friendly (aka bad) zone and there aren't any higher areas as alternatives.

A New Group!

My husband and I have been camping in a lot of places in Texas. Let's see if I can remember them all.

1. Enchanted Rock- great climbing and hiking, good shelter from the rain, fairly well improved but you have to bring your own water.

2. Krause Springs- excellent in the summer when it's really hot. Great swimming hole and spring-fed swimming pool. Sites have fire pits. Great for group camping. Close to Austin.

3. Pace Bend- good swimming and climbing. Can be a party place. Not much improved camping but very cheap. The rangers are not helpful and the park can be confusing if you don't get a map.

4. Lost Maples- pretty good trails, decent camping. Not impressive one way or another, as we missed the leaves turning that year. Drive in is absolutely gorgeous if you come in from Kerrville.

5. Colorado Bend State Park- very close to Austin yet one feels out in the middle of nowhere. Their claims to fame are a waterfall and some caves. The waterfall is impressive for Texas standards. Haven't done the caves. You have to go on those tours with guides. The river is great for swimming although pretty fast in some sections. Toilets are environmentally-friendly outhouses. Hiking is nice, camp spaces are somewhat close together. Also supposedly good for fishing and canoeing.

Overall our favorites are Krause Springs and Enchanted Rock.

In Texas camping season is Sept-Nov and March-June.

We love camping and often take our church group. We also go on our own as a family.

Glad to join the group!
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The hubby and I have been camping only a few times, and we've gone out to Inks Lake outside of Burnet every time.  The lake is really nice, and they offer "rough" camping (hike to your tent areas, no showers/bathrooms, etc) and more "civilized" options with clean facilities and a not-terribly-overpriced camp store that has everything you could need if you forget something.  They also have cabins available, lots of hiking trials with fantastic views, and water sport things like canoe, paddleboat, and kayak rentals.  It's a state park, so if you have the annual membership, it's like $5 per person per night.
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Welcome to the Texas Camping Community and other such cliché intros.

I've only been camping once in Texas, at Canyon of the Eagles but am looking forward to many more (mis)adventures in the future. The current plan is to take the boy out in the new tent for our anniversary at the end of February, and so far on the list is Pedernales State Park, McKinney Falls State Park, and Enchanted Rock.

I'd love to get out to Lost Maples late next fall, as well as a trip in to see Sam Houston National Forest and Lake Stubblefield for longer than it took me to drive through them (like last time.)

There's another location, near Nacodoches, that the boy wants to go to, but the name escapes me at the moment.