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A New Group!

My husband and I have been camping in a lot of places in Texas. Let's see if I can remember them all.

1. Enchanted Rock- great climbing and hiking, good shelter from the rain, fairly well improved but you have to bring your own water.

2. Krause Springs- excellent in the summer when it's really hot. Great swimming hole and spring-fed swimming pool. Sites have fire pits. Great for group camping. Close to Austin.

3. Pace Bend- good swimming and climbing. Can be a party place. Not much improved camping but very cheap. The rangers are not helpful and the park can be confusing if you don't get a map.

4. Lost Maples- pretty good trails, decent camping. Not impressive one way or another, as we missed the leaves turning that year. Drive in is absolutely gorgeous if you come in from Kerrville.

5. Colorado Bend State Park- very close to Austin yet one feels out in the middle of nowhere. Their claims to fame are a waterfall and some caves. The waterfall is impressive for Texas standards. Haven't done the caves. You have to go on those tours with guides. The river is great for swimming although pretty fast in some sections. Toilets are environmentally-friendly outhouses. Hiking is nice, camp spaces are somewhat close together. Also supposedly good for fishing and canoeing.

Overall our favorites are Krause Springs and Enchanted Rock.

In Texas camping season is Sept-Nov and March-June.

We love camping and often take our church group. We also go on our own as a family.

Glad to join the group!
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