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camptexas's Journal

Texas Camping
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This is here to fill what I thought was a gaping hole in the Texas LJ community - namely a community to share camping info.

A few general rules:
1) Be polite. Don't flame, harrass, or otherwise hide behind your screen. Pretend your grandmother is watching - and if that doesn't deter you, pretend mine is.
2) Stay on topic. Anything related to camping is kosher, Texas-related is preferred, because there are other camping communities out there.
3) Questions and reviews, comments and suggestions all make for good fodder for a post.
4) Pictures are most welcome (behind a cut please) and if you wish to post NSFW pictures (for some crazy tent-side skinning-dipping ? I don't know) please label them as such and keep them behind a cut.

Subject to change, yada yada yada.